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Calling Azure Functions from XSLT map in Logic Apps

Scenario Let's say we have to build an expense processing application. It takes the receipt with...

Author: Vinay Singh [MSFT] Date: 07/19/2017

Logic Apps Performance with Service Bus

In this post, we will measure the throughput for Logic App to consume messages from a Service Bus...

Author: Vinay Singh [MSFT] Date: 04/14/2017

Get started with the Azure Event Hubs connector

Connect to Azure Event Hubs to send and receive events. You can perform operations such as send an...

Author: Vinay Singh [MSFT] Date: 03/25/2017

Consuming Azure Stream Analytics output in Azure Logic Apps

Stream Analytics Azure Stream Analytics lets users perform real-time analytics for their Internet of...

Author: Vinay Singh [MSFT] Date: 01/17/2017

Hello world!

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Author: Vinay Singh [MSFT] Date: 08/28/2016