Connecting to Remote Integration Services Server - info with missing things on msdn article

I found it hard way how to connect to Integration Services server remotely. If you are part of sysadmin role on a server or if you are part of local administrators group on the server, there is no problem connecting to Integration Services server from your computer remotely. But for others they get "Access is denied" error. Below are some steps to resolve this issue:

Most of the steps are documented in msdn article -

But following is missing:

One above link, under "To configure rights for remote users on Windows Server 2003"...

  • replace step 9 with "Click OK to close the dialog box."
  • Add a step 9.1 with the following text: "On the same Security tab, under Access Permissions, select Customize, then click Edit to open the Access Permission dialog box."
  • Add a step 9.2 with the following text: "In the Access Permission dialog box, add or delete users, and assign the appropriate permissions to the appropriate users and groups. The available permissions are Local Access, and Remote Access. The easiest is to add the local DCOM Distributed Users group. "
  • Add a step 9.3 with the following text: "Click OK to close the dialog box. Close the MMC snap-in."
  • Step 10 stays as-is: "Restart the Integration Services service."

This should work.