How to handle Error: “Error - The member code is inactive.” while dealing with Consolidated Member in Master Data Services


I ran into a situation where I accidently deleted a consolidated member through UI (soft delete – marked for Inactive).  Later on I received an update for one of the attribute on that member, so I wanted to import that update (import type = 0), but I couldn’t import.  I get “The Member code is inactive” error. If it was a leaf member, I could have used Import type = 4 and permanently deleted that member and then use import type = 0 to re-import it back, but instead I followed below approach to re-activate the deleted member -

  • From home page (UI), go to Version Management
  • Click on Transactions from top menu
  • Find that transaction that is marked De-activated and select it
  • Click on “Revert Transaction” button on top