Gaming in Virtual PC...

Hi again,

A lot of people use Virtual PC for different things.  Our primary target markets are:

  • Legacy application migration in the enterprise
  • Development / test / training / demonstration environments.

Me - I like to use it for gaming (and many other things).  Virtual PC only emulates a 2D video card - so it is somewhat limited for gaming - but what it does do - it does well.

The game that I have played most inside of Virtual PC would have to be Warlords III - but I am also well known on the development team as 'the guy who setup a head-to-head DOOM deathmatch on one computer'.  It's kind of fun to see - but when you win you lose too :-)

Interestingly enough I just got Unreal Tournament 2004 to run under Virtual PC - as it actually includes a software render.  Quality is pretty bad - but it is quite playable.