How to get sound working under Windows Server 2003 in Virtual PC

Windows Server 2003 does not include drivers for the Sound Blaster 16 emulated by Virtual PC (nor is this card officially supported in Windows Server 2003). It is - however - possible to get sound working by loading the Windows XP drivers under Windows Server 2003. To do this you will need to:

  • Copy the files wdma_ctl.inf and ctlsb16.sys from a Windows XP product CD to a folder.
  • In the Windows Server 2003 virtual machine, go to Device Manager --> Other Devices --> Sound Blaster 16 --> Update Driver:
    • Install from a list --> Don't search --> Sound, video and game controllers
    • Have Disk --> Browse --> Select folder with the two XP files

Other requested files can be selected from the Windows Server 2003 product CD.