Mounting a Virtual Hard Disk with Hyper-V

You can mount a virtual hard disk under the parent partition with Hyper-V and a simple script:


 Option Explicit
 Dim WMIService
 Dim VHDService
 Dim VHD
 'Specify the VHD to be mounted
 VHD = "F:\Windows.vhd"
 'Get instance of 'virtualization' WMI service on the local computer
 Set WMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\virtualization") 
 'Get the MSVM_ImageManagementService
 Set VHDService = WMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Msvm_ImageManagementService").ItemIndex(0)
 'Mount the VHD


 #Specify the VHD to be mounted
 $VHDName = "F:\Windows.vhd"
 #Get the MSVM_ImageManagementService
 $VHDService = get-wmiobject -class "Msvm_ImageManagementService" -namespace "root\virtualization" -computername "."
 #Mount the VHD
 $Result = $VHDService.Mount($VHDName)

This is a very straightforward script.  You just get a MSVM_ImageManagementService object and call the "Mount" method on it.  To unmount the virtual hard disk you run the same code but call "Unmount" instead.

Note that the virtual hard disk will be offline when it is mounted, so you will need to online the disk under the Server Manager after running this script.