Taking some time off

For years now – whenever I have taken some time off from work I have gone through this process:

  • A few weeks before my vacation: “I’m going to get blog posts pre-written for every day of my vacation!  No one will even know that I am gone!”
  • One week before my vacation: “I’m going to get a couple of blog posts written – say, 1 or 2 a week – and people should not notice too much”
  • One day before my vacation: “Well, maybe I will write some blog posts while I am on vacation”

To date – I do not think I have every posted a blog post while on vacation.  Strangely enough – it seems that once I am no longer at work it does not take very long at all for me to remember that I like spending time with my family & playing computer games more than I like to do work!

So with that in mind – I am taking some time off – and will not be posting here.  My vacation finishes at the end of December – so I will see you all in the new year.