Data Format Revision

As part of our version update, we are also updating the file format of our 3D buildings.  The upside is that the new data format is significantly smaller, for faster download.  The downside is that old versions of the code cannot understand the new data.  However, in the short term this should not affect you.  There will be a period where old data will still be served to clients that are using the Javascript API and the Managed API.  This represents a bit of a compromise, because even clients that have updated to the new version will get the old data for this period, but we felt that this was better than releasing new code and breaking old (and existing) code on the same day.

To see the new data after the version update, simply navigate to and click 3D.  The new data will be live on the site.

Once this period is over, clients that have updated will automatically begin receiving the new data without any required changes or interruptions.  You will probably hardly notice, except that buildings of course will load faster.  Clients that have not updated will break!  You've been warned!  The only issue really will be that buildings will not appear, and only if your code is directly adding model data sources.

The exact length of this period is TBD, but probably about a month.  Our hope is that most everyone will update by then anyway, because the new version really is better.  I will blog a reminder when the date is decided and approaching.  As always, let me know if you will need any help during the transition.

In addition, in several samples I directly linked to the manifest files for some resources, like imagery, dem, and models.  These are the urls used when creating DataSourceLayerData objects.  I encourage you to instead use fwlinks, which are just redirects to the same resources.  This will help us update data while minimizing impact to clients.


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