Upcoming new version

Next week we'll be releasing a new version of the control.  The focus of the release is on perf and bug fixes, but it also adds a set of interesting new functions for managed code developers.  I'll be posting updated samples, and more detail on the changes, when the control goes public.

But will it break me?

This is of course the biggest question for most devs, and the reason why you're getting a heads up.  We've tried hard to minimize breakage.  The main differences between this update and the previous is that we've maintained binary compatibility for the "public" assemblies, and are also including version redirect assemblies.  The upshot is that if you are only hitting public members in those assemblies, your code should continue to function without a recompile.  If you are hitting other assemblies, you will have to recompile.

Here are the public API assemblies:


Note that these are also the assemblies accessible to partial trust.

There is one caveat to the compatibility story, and that is startup.  This is significant enough that I posted about it already.  If you haven't looked at this yet please do so.  But overall I think the transition will be easier this time around, and we aim to make that better as we go.

As usual I will be available via the comments section or blog feedback to help with any issues.  Thanks!