VE3D on a Mac

Parallels, which is a program that allows running Windows software on a Mac, has recently released version 4, which has support for DirectX 9.0.  This means that Mac users can now see VE3D in all its glory.  Well, most of it anyway.  I don't have a Mac in my office to test with, but it kind of sounds from the description like it emulates DX in software.  If I'm wrong about that someone please correct me.  It also only supports up to pixel shader 2.0, which means that a few of the advanced features like weather will be off by default (you can turn it back on though if you go into the options page and click the local weather checkbox).  Again, I'm not able to test, but I see no reason why plug-ins or apps written with VE3D wouldn't work as well.

I also encourage any Mac users out there to check out World Wide Telescope, it is well worth it.