The requested operation requires elevation : 2C-000002E4

If your like me and use your app-v client for everything, you may sometimes come across applications that require an elevation in privilege? I have been working up in Wolverhampton on and off with a customer (Mike Cheetham and Gul Ahmed). We have been working heavily to get a large number of very bespoke application sequenced and functioning correctly for Windows 7.

Some of the applications have been challenging and needed to use the appcompat toolkit. Others we have been more inventive with.

We came across an issue in UAT testing that when a user tried to launch a program they were given this error

appv error

The requested operation requires elevation

Error Code: 4513CDC-1B40212C-000002E4

This is very easy to work around as you can ask the end user to just right click and “run as administrator”.

But say you don't want them to do that …. Say you want them just to click the short cut and not to worry about a prompt telling them the above.

Well we have a cunning plan……

You can use the OSD to set an Environment Variable to change the compat level to RunAsInvoker

To do this take your OSD file and edit it so that we add the following in the ENVLIST section. It should look a bit like this;


Some further great information about RunAsInvoker can be found here.

N.B. This also assumes that your user has the correct privlidges to have elevated rights.