Vista Certification Testing Tools

In the lab we get a lot of questions about the Vista Certification logo program.  There are two different logos you can get for your product:

Works With Windows Vista

This one is easy to get and everyone is recommended to go for this logo.  Your app needs to pass the 30 minute compatibility check defined in the Application Compatiblity Cookbook

Certified For Windows Vista

This one requires you to make sure your app passes all the test cases defined for the program and then get your app tested at a testing authority for verification.  Even if you are not planning on getting the full certification, we recommend you check out the test cases.

For both programs, you can get all the details at

Getting back to the point of this post...  The test cases mention testing tools that are needed.  There is a download that bundles up most of the tools and can be downloaded in a single Logo Testing Tools package.  There are some handy tools in the package that let you test your app with Restart Manager and inject AV's to test Windows Error Reporting (WER).