Announcing the deprecation of a number of guidance and tools

Our mission is to provide practical guidance, experience, and gap-filling solutions to the developer community. These solutions are eventually deprecated for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Gaps are filled as the products and documentation continue to mature (Smile)
  • Value of solutions becomes less than the effort to maintain them (no value)
  • Passion and bandwidth of associated volunteers fades (no energy)
  • We forgot all about the solution (no need)

Recently deprecated solutions

See the source image

We have deprecated the following solutions in our Library of tooling and guidance solutions (

  • ALM Assessment Guidance (use instead).
  • Device Testing Guidance
  • DevOps Workbench
  • Team Foundation Build Guidance
  • TFS 2010 Monitoring Management Pack
  • TFS Process Template Customization Guide
  • Unit Test Generator Tool
  • Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guide and Extension

Solutions we’re planning to deprecate
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We’re investigating the state, value, and feasibility of deprecating the following solutions:


See please uninstall our deprecated extensions for deprecated VSTS extensions.