devconf discussions – What is DevOps?

Sharing a few of the discussions before, during, and after devconf, a community driven, developer focused, one-day conference hosted annually.


The questions that were asked the most over the past few days are “What’s DevOps”, “Can’t I buy DevOps”, and “How do I get started”. Here’s my three [cents | pennies].

What’s DevOps?

It’s pivotal to bookmark Donovan’s What is DevOps post and optionally decorate your laptop with the DevOps sticker.

It’s a crisp one-sentence definition of DevOps, emphasizing the need for continuous delivery of value. It’s a thing (mindset, set of practices, …) that’s based on a journey of continuous learning and improving your people, process, and products. It’s a continuous and endless journey - you cannot flip a feature flag and enable DevOps.

Can’t I buy DevOps?

No! As suggested above, it’s a journey, not a product. You cannot buy DevOps. Buying a product does not give you DevOps.

How do I get started?

I would start by pasting Donovan’s definition of DevOps on my bathroom mirror to burn it in into my brain.

Next review transformation journeys, such as DevOps @ Microsoft – the learnings will enable faster traction and ensure that it will not take you years to do your transformation. Once you have your own transformation journey you should be transparent and share it with the community. More importantly, you’ll have a testimonial that’s invaluable when your customer asks the same question.

If you’re working with a customer in the worst possible situation, you can also read Donovans’s how do we get started with DevOps blog post.

New reference slide, inspired by the new Garage t-shirt

I love the new t-shirt the Garage Intern coaches received.

It triggered a new reference slide to emphasize that DevOps is not about rainbows and magical unicorns, but a mindset, practices, and a journey of continuous learning and improving.
What do you think?

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