devconf’s log #3 – Sessions, Cubes, and lots of collaboration

Continued from devconf’s log #2 – Sun, Mandela, and no Bowtie. After lots of meetings, discussions, and content preparations we finally completed the devconf event in Johannesburg. I’ll share a lot more photos and the feedback from todays sessions soon.

Here are a few pictures to give you a snippet of a phenomenal day of collaboration and sessions.

A great start to a new day, with a death-star like walk to the event

Johannesburg program

Lots of swag … to mix-up the cube or not

It was great to mingle with the phenomenal BBD engineers … even if one gives speeches bare foot Smile

Ending the day with another speaker dinner and great discussions

Tomorrow we’re off to Cape Town for the next devconf day. It will be a blast. I’m stoked! Watch the space.