Flash July 2015 – Summer break with a sprinkle of readiness events and other spices


image101You can find the latest flight plan snapshot at aka.ms/vsarFlightPlan vsarFlightPlan


what’s boiling over … watch the space!

  • The following projects are in the final phases of bug fixing, reviews, validations and expected to touch-down soon: PowerShell DSC (guidance v1.1, resources v1.2 and scenarios v1.3), Technical Debt article, TFS Upgrade guidance, and VSO Extension learning's, guidance and extensions.



To Anthony Borton for this great gem: DevOps Video on Channel 9.

welcome our new associate rangers

The following Associate ALM Ranger who has joined us: Igor Shcheglovitov from Russia, and Derrick Cawthon from the USA.  Welcome and enjoy the adventure!

kudos to our new distinguished ranger

Etienne Tremblay has been a pillar of strength, especially north of the 49th parallel, for the ALM Rangers since 2006, and an inspiration to many since he scripted the TFS 2005 installation. That’s 9 and 10 years of history!!! THANK YOU for sharing your passion, experience, energy and patience with the ALM MVPs, Rangers, and community!

Welcome to the circle of distinguished ALM Rangers Smile clip_image001

community gems

  • Vinicius Moura and Ricardo Serradas created a “VSO Sprints Brasil” channel on YouTube. Their idea is to create a Webcast to show details of features released in every new Sprint for their community.  image 
  • Richard Fennell did a session at the LeedsDevOps usergroup on DSC, a mostly Linux crowd it turned out. He was expecting the worst, but was surprisingly well received and got positive feedback. He pointed them to our materials and labs, they liked the idea of extending the reach of chef/puppet into Windows with DSC.
  • Anthony Borton published the DevOps Video on Channel 9.

interesting reads


anisha at work and in the channel 9 studio

You will usually find Anisha Pindoria at her desk or in the Channel 9 recording studio. This time she managed to interview Hosam Kamel and Jamie Cool.


getting together for a md workshop during techready

md? markdown language! Pizza + Rangers == interactive workshop!


snapshots from an recent internal readiness event

Not often that the ALM Rangers meet face to face …




tell us about your success stories!

Are you aware of a success story in which the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and/or their solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a happy user? See Tell us about your success stories for details.

review our (your) solutions!

When you download one or more of our solutions please invest a few seconds to rate and optionally review the solution on CodePlex or the Visual Studio Gallery. We need your candid feedback and support in terms of Star ratings!

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WP_20150716_14_56_02_ProWouter de Kort ’s t-shirt arrived. imageJosh Garverick designed custom stickers for his Frankenbuild lab. Derrick BigAwesome Cawthon Sign If you drive past Derrick Cawthon ’s home you may spot this sign.

On July 15th we were 38628 downloads shy of getting to one million downloads. While looking at the stats, we also noticed that we have 78k+ and 199k+ views on our demo and monthly update video series on Channel 9. Slide2 Based on the quick poll, the preference for events is between 08:00 and High-Noon (Pacific Date Time), for teams spanning numerous time zones.

Slide5 We currently have 37 custom t-shirt designs, ranging from baby sized t-shirts to celebrate the BK VM, to the latest series of VSO Extension t-shirts.

Slide6 Last, but not least. We turned nine years young as a community in July and are heading for double digits in 2016. Slide7