Now you can import existing virtual machines using the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self Service Portal 2.0 SP1 Beta!

This new version provides users the ability to import virtual machines created outside the self-service portal but managed by VMM and additionally to re-import virtual machines previously removed. Fully supported by Microsoft, the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1 Beta is a partner-extensible solution that enables customers to dynamically pool, allocate, and manage their computer, network, and storage resources to deliver a private cloud platform inside their datacenter.

What is the Self-Service Portal?

The VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta is a fully supported, partner-extensible solution built on Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V technology, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager. You can use it to pool, allocate, and manage resources to offer IT as a service and to deliver the foundation for a private cloud platform inside your datacenter. The VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta includes a pre-built web-based user interface that has sections for both the datacenter managers and the business unit IT consumers, with role-based access control. It also includes a dynamic provisioning engine. The VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta reduces the time needed to provision infrastructures and their components by offering business unit “on-boarding,” infrastructure request, and change management. In addition, the free download package also includes detailed guidance on how to implement the self-service portal inside your environment.

The VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta includes a pre-built, role-based self-service portal for both the datacenter managers and business unit IT consumers to provision infrastructure for their applications and services. This dynamic self-service portal provides automated workflows to on-board business unit IT departments, and enables partners to expose their unique hardware capabilities through familiar Microsoft scripting technologies. The VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta now includes the ability to:

  • Importing virtual machines: Supports management of virtual machines that already exist in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), without using the self-service portal to re-create them.
  • Expiration date for virtual machines: This feature provides the user the ability to set an expiration date for the virtual machines that are being created or imported so that the virtual machines auto-delete after the set date. This feature also provides users the flexibility (through role-based access) to set or change the expiration date for the virtual machine.
  • Notify administrators: This feature provides functionality to notify BUIT(Business Unit) or DCIT(Datacenter) administrators about various events in the system (for example, Submit request, Approve request, Expire virtual machine, and so on) via email through SQL server mail integration.
  • Move infrastructure between business units: This feature allows DCIT administrators to move an infrastructure from one business unit to another when the system is in Maintenance Mode.
  • Management Pack: This feature allows DCIT administrators to monitor health of the Self-Service portal components.

Join the VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta review program!

Download the beta materials today, and tell us what you think, especially in the areas of its usefulness, usability, and impact. Send an email with your input to If you are not a member of the VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta review program, click here to join. Existing members, click here. Your input helps to make the VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta as helpful and useful as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kinds of Feedback:
We would especially appreciate feedback in the following areas:

o Usefulness: What portions of the solution are the most useful to your organization?

o Usability: Is the solution easy to setup and navigate through?

o Impact: Do you anticipate that this tool will save you time in your organization? Has this tool had a positive influence on your opinion of the Microsoft technologies it addresses?

Partner integration with the Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal includes powerful extensibility features for Microsoft technology partners. Independent software and hardware vendors can customize different virtual machine actions (such as create, delete, stop, start, shut down, connect, pause, and so on) to take advantage of the unique characteristics of their infrastructure. We are working with a number of technology partners on self-service portal integration packs. Visit the Microsoft Partner Network for partner resources for the VMMSSP 2.0 SP1 Beta.

These partners already offer an integrated solution:

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Compellent Solution Pack for Self-Service Portal

F5 Solution for Self-Service Portal

HP services using Self-Service Portal

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