Part I - OMS and Operations Manager Better Together–Sample Azure IaaS Dashboard


You have probably heard about  Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) . OMS  is the all-in-one hybrid cloud management solution for any enterprise to manage their workloads and applications on Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack .

For details pls check  Microsoft OMS

OMS is an all in one solution  which gives you the insights of your IT environment. It collects and analyses the data using  available solutions in the gallery.  You can also you very powerfully log search feature to  analyze the collected data and create dashboards.

Here is a sample landing page with all solutions enabled;



I’ll not go into the  details of OMS components in this blog post but rather focus on feeding additional data into OMS and visualizing it .

OMS utilizes either   the Microsoft Monitoring Agent directly or your Operations Manager environment to collect performance and event data from the servers.  Different solutions in OMS analysis collected  data and  gives you recommendations. 

Default data collection settings lets you to specify which events , performance data  and logs will be collected .


As you can see these not much to configure. These settings are generally enough  to capture the insights of most of the workloads we have  in an enterprise. When you have  the integration with Operations Manager it gets even better. With a little bit of MP authoring  you  can  start sending any information to OMS either as an event or a performance counter .


My Azure Iaas Dashboard

While playing around I decided to create a dedicated dashboard for my Azure consumption. MP is still under development but here is a preview dashboard ;


Captured performance data can also be visualized as a line graph;



I’ll share the MP tp capture these data on Part II of this blog. MP requires Azure subscriptions already discovered in Operations Manager  and  certificate to manage the subscription .  Details to follow…

Data Visualization Options

OMS has a nice  landing page and dashboard to visualize and analyze the data   but you are not limited to the web  page. Another advantage of OMS is the mobile apps . OMS has apps on every mobile platform so these dashboards and searched defined can be viewed in any platform anytime anywhere.  To get the app  visit