On the road to ICS in Dresden

IMGP0497 Almost there. After a bad night sleep on SAS 938 (the f... seat was not working and totally worn), I have arrived in Hamburg, the second stop over on the way to Dresden.

Internet access (wireless) is EUR 5.00 per hour using the SPECTRUM hotspot. Are these guys nuts? Well, at least Internet access.

On my flight from Copenhagen to Hamburg I caught myself pointing with my index finger on a phrase in a newspaper, expecting a second page to open up with more information about the subject. News on paper is offline. Either I have not read a physical newspaper for some time or I suffer from sleep deprivation...

Yesterday, back in Redmond, I prepared my gear: digital camera for still images and I recharged the battery of my Sony Handycam DCR-HC40. After charging I tried to connect it to my Vista laptop. No luck. No driver for FireWire or USB in Vista. What's going on here? I wanted to post some video shorts from the ISC but looks like I am out of luck. Any idea (other than not using Vista :)?