VMware offers free VMware Player

Wow, I've just downloaded the VMware Player to my x64 workstation. Install takes just a few minutes. No reboot required. In taskmgr it looks like all processes are 32-bit. So I started off using my Virtual Server VM that usually runs under control of Virtual Server SP1 Beta since I do not have any VMware VMs. It just runs my 32-bit VM w/o any issues and I cannot see any performance differences from Virtual Server (I didn't run any test!).
Now, how do I get a 64-bit Windows guest OS in this player? I am running a Dual-Core EM64T pre-production unit from Intel and the processor check utility from VMware, VMware-guest64check-e.x.p-16325.exe, tells me to go away. My system is not capable of running 64-it guests. Too bad, that would be a nice feature to have and it should be supported by the player. Did you succeed with running a 64-bit Windows guest in the VMware Player?