Windows 7 Manageability Overview

End of last week Microsoft published the IT Pro 30 page guide “Windows 7 Manageability Overview”.

The information might have been lost over all the noise about CeBIT and recent announcements and the weekend. From the content:

Windows 7 Manageability Overview   
Increased Automation   
PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment   
PowerShell Cmdlets   
PowerShell Remoting   
PowerShell Eventing   
Automating Management of GPOs   
Executing PowerShell via Group Policy   
Keep Users Productive   
Advanced and Customized Troubleshooting   
Problem Steps Recorder   
System Restore   
Windows Recovery Environment   
Resource Monitor   
Reliability Monitor   
Flexible Administrative Control   
Enhanced Auditing   
Enforced Data Encryption   
Group Policy Preferences   


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