Windows HPC MPI Cluster Debugger Pack

We have another HPC Pack 2008 family release now live!

The MPI Cluster Debugger (with C/C++ project templates) is now available via the Microsoft Download Center. Search for ‘hpc debugger’ or go directly to

This package integrates the ‘F5’ experience of launching the Visual Studio 2008 MPI Cluster Debugger and your Windows HPC Server 2008 environment, for a better and more integrated debugging experience. This package provides a new tool window from which you can specify on which nodes the debugging will take place on the cluster. Once your break points are set and the debugger settings are specified you only have to press ‘F5’ to launch the debugger. Pressing ‘F5’ deploys your application binaries and the remote debugger, and submits a job to the scheduler. When the job is scheduled the MPI processes start under the control of the remote debugger.

Find out more about this amazing piece of technology including screenshots on Wen-ming’s HPC Trekker blog.

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