Get Traffic to your Website

Everyone wants to be the first page to be returned by a search engine, to get more traffic and do better business. When a search engine returns its results, how do you rank up, instead of down in the search results? How Google, Bing or Yahoo decide, who takes first place? This is really a specialized topic called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now, there is a job for people, whose task is to enhance the websites search results finding (SEO).

I’ll try to summarize the key concepts:

1)      Your site must have a good structure, and have a short hierarchy (not too deep) and uses subfolders and all pages has links, so the search engine crawlers can reach them.

2)      Targeted content. This starts from the correct Domain names, title pages.. and think about what your customer is looking for, and put these keywords in the pages.

This reminds me when I wanted to promote for the Arabic MSDN library, but the results didn’t show up when users entered “Arabic development “… of course there were no results these words were not in the site… so I’m too optimistic I should have recommend that we include such keywords, so that people can land on these pages… but this is a different story… back to SEO.

3)      If your site has authority, it will rank higher. So the question is, is: “How do you gain your authority?” Some factors to enhance your authority are: when people visit your page more often + people link to your site + good hosting (that is not too slow or has spam). All these are factors that give your pages and your website authority.

The search engine don’t tell people, how they do there ranking but if everybody new, then it would ruin the result. So if you need to know more about the topic, I recommend you search for SEO topics :)

Sorry if I changed the topic in this blog from my usual Arabic development topics and discuss something different. But I hope you enjoy it.