VBAME.DLL is the Middle East support file, for VB 6.0

This blog entry, is a flash back because I’ll talk about VB 6.0, I got several complains about using RightToLeft property with VB 6 applications… Although it’s not a new topic but I found little info about it on the internet, so I thought that it would be useful to share this information. Actually, this is not a VB only issue but it also applies to Visual FoxPro.

The problem occurs when you deploy your VB 6 application to other machines, which doesn’t have VB , VS or Office. Your application doesn’t display RightToLeft correctly.

The cause, is that you need to have VBAME.DLL in your Windows System directory, for example, in c:\windows\system32. VBAME.DLL is the Middle East support file. So make sure that you package and deploy this file with you Arabic application.

For more info check about VFoxPro and VBAME.DLL,