None of the .net framework 2.0 based executables run, they crash

We were able to install .NET framework 2.0 successfully. However, when we run the .net framework verification tool, it fails.


[11/23/09,17:22:08] ExecutablePath = 'Netfx20TestApplication.exe'

[11/23/09,17:22:08] FriendlyName = '.NET Framework 2.0 test application'

[11/23/09,17:22:08] TimeoutSeconds = '300'

[11/23/09,17:22:08] WaitOnExit = 'true'

[11/23/09,17:22:08] Silent = 'true'

[11/23/09,17:22:08] Launching process 'Netfx20TestApplication.exe' now

[11/23/09,17:22:08] Process successfully launched. Waiting 300 seconds for it to complete.

[11/23/09,17:22:08] Process 'Netfx20TestApplication.exe' exited with return code 0

[11/23/09,17:22:09] ****ERROR**** Verification failed for product .NET Framework 3.5

Created a .net framework 2.0 application and ran it on the machine, the process starts and it crashes ( It goes away from the task manager after a few seconds).

Ran the Process monitor while running the executable and found the following:


sample.exe 7232 RegOpenKey HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts ACCESS DENIED

Checked that particular registry and no accounts were given permission for that key.

We gave the full control for “Administrator”, “system” and the read permission for the “users” for the registry: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts. After that we were able to run the application successfully and the .net verification tool was successful.

Content by: Parameswary Annamalai

Reviewed by: Soumitra Mondal