Can't Log Onto Local Instance of SQL Server on Vista

I was given a temporary development laptop with Vista installed.  There are the usual development tools and SQL Server Developer Edition.  When I tried logging onto the local SQL Server instance, I got accessed denied.  I'm part of the local Administrators group, so I should be able to log on as SA.  I couldn't figure out why this was until someone else told me to "Run as administrator".  I totally forgot about the Vista UAC.  As a developer, the first thing I do to my laptop was to turn UAC off.  I forgot to do it for this laptop, so that's why I got access denied. 

Anywas, if anyone encounter this problem, then you can run SQL Server Management Studio as administrator by right-clicking on the menu item and choose "Run as administrator".  Or you can turn off UAC by going to "Control Panel", "User Accounts", "turn User Account control on or off", and uncheck the checkbox.