Free Geotagging tool for photo enthusiasts

Well, am kind of tired so let’s make this short! What will this program do for you?

  • Automatic geotagging of pictures where you have GPS coordinate information
  • Interpolate geographical data to be able to tag pictures where you don’t have the exact coordinates
  • Reverse lookup allowing you to geotag pictures using a map in case you don’t have the GPS coordinate information

A detailed article can be found here: Geotagging Goes Mainstream, the download is here: Microsoft Pro Photo Tools.

Btw, the product group explicitly asks for your help and feedback:

Provide feedback!

Many of the features found in Pro Photo Tools were suggested by photographers just like you. If you have a cool feature you'd like to see added to Pro Photo Tools, or just an idea for something you'd like to see made possible for your digital photography workflow on Windows, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at .

Have fun!