At the Onset of My Fiftieth Year

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook are aware that I’ve spent the last week and a half dealing with my latest round of health issues. I returned home yesterday afternoon following a brief hospitalization for diagnosis and removal of a non-functional gall bladder.

Today, I celebrate the beginning of my fiftieth year on the planet with new reasons for optimism. Unlike previous procedures when I was still feeling ill afterwards, I was drinking apple juice five minutes after coming out of the anesthetic on Monday. I have typical post-laparoscopic surgery discomfort, but all systems are basically “go” here, and I’ve enjoyed mixing my first productive work day in over a week along with today’s birthday celebrations.

I greatly appreciate the notes of concern I’ve received from many of you, and I don’t take lightly the blessings of healing energy which my family and friends have sent my way. As my energy level increases, I’ll respond to the comments left on last week’s SQL 2K8 post.

For now, though, forgive me if I kick back and enjoy the rest of my (and Bob Beauchemin’s) birthday..


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