This Space Is Closed -- at least for now

(updated 14 October 2010 to include a pointer to my new SQL Server-related blog)

Today I received the unhappy news that my current position at Microsoft has been eliminated, effective this Friday. This was not entirely unexpected, but I find that the anticipation of a sad day does precious little to ease its arrival.


It’s been a great eleven years-plus working with our customers and the SQL Community. I’ve been part of some truly exciting efforts, including the first-ever large-scale use of SQL Server’s XML capabilities for Metropolis/Agent Desktop (we started coding on pre-Alpha SQL Server 2005 bits). Just this year, I’ve contributed my architecture and coding skills to an important new internal system which is changing the way my former team manages its IP, and to the new SQL Census component of SQLRAP, which is changing the way T-SQL Coding IP is delivered to MSFT’s SQLRAP customers.


I think I’m proudest of my involvement in the MCA and MCM Database programs. What was then the SQL Server Center of Excellence – Mark Pohto, Tim Wolff, Steve Harrell, Greg Moss, and myself – wore jack-of-all-trades hats through the first four rotations. While the program has evolved considerably since then, I will always believe that those first four rotations were very special.


It has been an honor and a privilege working with such great people at such a great company. I hope we’ll be able to revisit the experience sometime soon.


If you’d like to stay in touch, please use my personal email,, or visit my website, I'll continue to maintain my personal blog at, and I'll soon be starting a new technical blog at


In the meantime.. this space is closed.. at least for now.