Announcing EASTester

The Exchange Server Interoperability Guidance documents have some really good sample code.  I’ve leveraged some of its code to build a tool with capabilities which have been helpful in resolving EAS issues.  This tool’s code an binaries are now published in Codeplex.

The current functionality in this application will cover many basic issues people run into while troubleshooting EAS.  Further it will convert several forms of EAS payloads into XML. 


Its primary capabilities include:

  • A basic EAS request submission screen which allows you to submit EAS XML, which it will EAS WBXML encode submit to Exchange and decode its response back into XML.
  • If you export the binary stream of WBXML content from a network capture tool into a file, you can use this tool to read the file and convert its contents into XML.
  • It can convert a WBXML in a hex string, comma-delimited hex string or integer string into XML.

I hope that you find EASTester useful.