EWSEditor 1.18 Released

This new release has a lot of new features which have been needed and requested countless times.  Now you can pull in lists of properties you want to see, search calendars, export data for items into CSV files or as binary files. These lists of properties you can pull in are ones you can define in CSV files.  The properties to be exported are ones you define in CSV files.  Work has been done to provide some support for policy tags.  There also have been some fixes in different areas.

  • EWS Post window will now handle a chunked response from a GET. Added in a sample in EWS Post window with information and links on Office 365 Reporting Web Services. With these changes, you can run queries against Office Reporting Services the EWS POST window. Be sure to review the "Office365ReportingServices.xml" under the samples for the EWSPost window.
  • Increased the number of properties shown by default in properties windows.  This was done for both items and folders.
  • Import a list of properties to view - you can import your custom list of extended properties where you define the item view (there is a new button which lets you import a list from a CSV).
  • A calendar search window was added (right click on a folder).  This window allows you to search for calendar items (IMP.Appointment,  IPM.Meeting, etc).  Searches can be done with AQS or by properties commonly used for searching calendar items (UID, Clean Object Id, Subject, To, CC, Class and body).  The results are shown in list view (grid).  You can see detailed properties on any item found. One of the major features of this window is that if you can select the items in the grid and export properties for them to a CSV or export them as a binary image.  The export feature allows you to import a CSV file of MAPI properties you can build yourself and use it to specify the properties you want exported.  There are many options for encoding the data being exported to CSV file.  The best usage for searching on the history of a folder is to search against the "Calendar Version Store" under the MsgFolderRoot folder; however, you could search against other folders.
  • Created example csv import files for properties.  One is quite large with around 1,000 properties defined.  Read the text at the top of the CSV files to understand their usage.  These files are used by the calendar export and also for loading into EWSEditor by redefining the property view.
  • Item Search window (right click on a folder):  With this window you can search on items using AQS or by using commonly searched properties properties.  An export window allows you to export properties of selected items or export them as a binary file.   Using this window you can copy and move many items at one time – note that though you can select many items to process at one time that it will perform each copy or move on an item level basis rather than doing a batch operation.
  • View policy tags for a mailbox (tools menu).
  • Set retention tags on a folder (folder context menu).
  • Fixed issues with Delegate permissions window.
  • Fixed issues with oAuth.

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