<3 your web, Vegas style, it’s MIX time again – MIX09 now open for registration…

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It’s that wonderful time of the year again. The sun is still shining, the leaves are changing color, the Seahawks are in contention and…oh wait a minute the Seahawks probably aren’t in contention. Never mind.

Anyway – Mix09 is now open for registration. It’s from March 18-20, back in the wonderful Venetian in Las Vegas. Come and join the conversation with the best folks in the design and web spaces as we explore the future of Silverlight, IE, Expression, ASP.NET and some of the other new goodies you’ll first hear about next week at PDC.


There’ll also likely be the book launch of my next Silverliiight book. Hopefully. If I get round to writing it on time. :)

I’ve had the privilege of being at every MIX so far, MIX06 as an attendee, and MIX07 and MIX08 as an employee!

MIX06: In a discussion with Tim O’Reilly, Bill Gates laid out Microsoft’s web strategy and introduced IE7.
MIX07: Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie introduced Silverlight.
MIX08: Steve Ballmer went toe-to-toe with Guy Kawasaki, dissing his SacBook Air, doing the ‘MonkeyBoy’ and saying the word ‘Googleoogleoogleoog’. Scott Guthrie introduced Silverlight 2 and Dean Hachamovitch introduced IE8.
MIX09: What will this MIX hold? Hmmm . . . sorry; can’t spoil the surprises.

There’s lots of stuff going on before the conference – such as the inaugural Mix 10K challenge, the Restyle challenge and more.

Oh, some of the initial speakers have already been announced, and there’s a $200 discount for early bird registration