MIX09 – Why YOU should be there.

Ok, so we turn on the news and we see economic crisis everywhere, we hear of layoffs and cost cutting and rumors of depression.


Well, I’m a rose-tinted-glasses kind of guy, and I firmly believe that it is at times like this that the smarter investor sows so that he can reap later, and there is nothing better to sow right now than an understanding in where the web is going, and how the new internet economy of the 21st century is growing.

That’s what MIX is all about. It’s not an expensive boondoggle in Las Vegas. It’s not a few days of parties and fun, even though there are plenty of parties and fun :)

It’s an opportunity to grow to be better equipped not just to weather the storm but to thrive when we see on the other side.

We’ve announced some new sessions, with plenty more on the way – take a look at some of them here.

I’ll certainly be at Building Microsoft Silverlight Applications with Eclipse being delivered by the always-eloquent Shawn Wildermuth, and I promise not to try to steal credit for coming up with the idea for this session ;)

Think about that for a minute. Eclipse.

Then, take a breath and then say. Silverlight.

Usually this type of thing is followed by a ‘Yeah right, when heck freezes over’

That’s why MIX is special, and this year I’m arguing that it will be more special than ever.

To add more value to your hard-earned buck, there’ll also be some pre-conference workshops containing moutwatering content!

So if you haven’t done so already, drop by the site and sign up today!

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