Silverlight 2 Update for BiDirectional Text in Hebrew and Arabic

In its early days, Silverlight concentrated on being Web friendly with its text, meaning that the number of fonts were constrained to those that would be available on most computers. On this blog I listed a number of workarounds for languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Since then, Silverlight has expanded, and Silverlight 2 supported lots of new character sets and fonts, allowing these to be supported natively.

However, Hebrew and Arabic are more of a challenge as they are bidirectional – the text reads right-to-left while numbers read left-to-right.

It’s a great demonstration of the extensibility model of Silverlight 2, that add-ons can easily be written, and here’s one such that came out on CodePlex last night – an update that improves bidirectional support (bidi) on Silverlight.

You can find more details here:

Great stuff! :)

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