SQL Server Driver for PHP Adds Support for PHP Data Objects

This week, Microsoft is participating in the DrupalCon San Francisco Conference at the Moscone Center. The event marks an important milestone for Microsoft, as we announced the release of a Community Technology Preview (CTP) for the new SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0, which includes support for PHP Data Objects (PDO).

The SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0 with PDO will enable popular PHP applications like Drupal 7 to use the PDO “PHP style” and interoperate smoothly with Microsoft’s SQL Server database. Alongside our efforts, the Commerce Guys, a company providing ecommerce solutions with Drupal, is also presenting a beta version of Drupal 7 running on SQL Server using this new PDO Application Programming Interface (API) in the SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0.

You can read more about how Microsoft’s SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0 CTP is adding PHP’s PDO style data access to SQL Server by visiting here.