Longhorn Networking Chat: Opening Remarks

Today was the Longhorn Networking Chat, I've organized some of the QA and will do a series of posts on different topics that came up. See the full transcript on Channel 9.

First off was some opening remarks from Jawad:

Jawad_Khaki_MSFT (Expert):

Longhorn will offer a new integrated IPv4/IPv6 stack optimized for low-speed wireless and multi-gigabit networks. The new stack will have extensibility to enable easy integration with 3rd party products such as firewalls, parental controls & virus products. We will also have enhancements to provide easy diagnostics to help users and network managers to easily trouble shoot problems.

Home Networking. Our focus here is to enable effortless secure networks that will support state of the art technologies to enable new experiences in the home. Things like streaming of audio/video media streams for entertainment and real-time communications.

Wireless. Wireless will have the latest 802.11i security support. Furthermore we will have extensibility in the stack to support rapid innovation in the industry. Many issues related to Wireless authentication integration with Windows logon will be addressed. For enterprise customers we will provide centralized scripting support for 802.1x enterprise Wireless configuration.

Network infrastructure services (DHCP, RRAS/VPN, RADIUS) will be enhanced to enable IT Pros to enforce system health check. IPSec support will be enhanced to support for server-server communications, domain isolation, and network access protection. All networking infrastructure services DHCP, DNS, RRAS/VPN, RADIUS will be rev’ed to fully supprt IPv6.

Then the grilling began :)