OpsMgr: Introducing the OM12 Sizing Helper App for Windows Phone

The OM12 Sizing Helper is a Windows Phone App version of the OpsMgr 2012 Sizing Helper tool – an interactive document which is designed to assist customers with planning and sizing deployments of System Center 2012 Operations Manager.

This App not only allows users to access information on best practices, supported configurations or plan the correct amount of infrastructure and minimum hardware specification needed for a new OpsMgr 2012 deployment anytime, anywhere, within a few taps on the Windows Phone, it also allows the scenario-based sizing information to be shared via email.

The OM12 Sizing Helper App is now available in the Store (App Link to Store) for free:    

image         image    

Search keywords (OM12 or om12 or scom or system center or operations manager) – case sensitive. 

For more information on the key features of the OM12 Sizing Helper App, go to:

Hierarchical Page Structures of the OM12 Sizing Helper App


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