OpsMgr: Key Features of the OM12 Sizing Helper App

The OM12 Sizing Helper is a Windows Phone App version of the OpsMgr 2012 Sizing Helper tool – an interactive document which is designed to assist customers with planning and sizing deployments of System Center 2012 Operations Manager.  

Here is the App Link to the Store

Some key features of this App are as follows:

  1. Classic View and Alternate View.
    The Classic View shows the 4 different categories of options available for the Sizing Helper.
    The Alternate View list all the individual options of the Sizing Helper.
    Interaction: Swipe from left to right or right to left on Main Screen.

    Classic View:

    Alternate View:


  2. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Sizing Helper page in the App and in the document:


  3. DB and DW size calculation available on Scenario pages. Auto calculation of DB and DW size when values in Days of Retention, No. of Computers, Network Devices, APM Enabled computers are modified.
    Interaction: Scroll from top to bottom when landed at the Scenario page.

  4. Share Option on Scenario page App bar: Allow info to be share via email.


  5. Back to Main App bar button on each page of each option.



For more information on the Hierarchical Page Structures of the OM12 Sizing Helper App:


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