WP8: The Logos, Splash Screen & Background Image of the OM12 Sizing Helper App

The OM12 Sizing Helper is a Windows Phone 8.1 App version of the OpsMgr 2012 Sizing Helper tool. Here is the App Link to the Store     

In this post, I would like to thank my colleague in PFE, Chairat Juengmongkolwong (Ratkung), for sharing his photos for the App’s splash screen and background image.

I would also like to thank my buddy, Kean Hong (lekeho) for his help on the square, wide and Store logos for the App.



You can find more of Chairat’s amazing photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/ratkung.

Here is the photo used for the App’s background image entitled: A Salary Man’s Life


Here is the photo used for the App’s splash screen entitled: Keep Walking and Explore the world


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