Volta and You

Yesterday, Volta was made publicly available for the first time.  It is an experimental project in the early stages of development.  The team decided to release an early technology preview so that developers everywhere can help guide the project through experience and feedback.  We want your feedback.

The first release provides the basic feature set that will be improved upon with time.  It has some obvious shortcomings that we are aware of and are actively addressing.  But really, at this stage, the preview is more concerned with sparking your imagination about what is possible than ironing out all of the details.

Perhaps you disagree.  Maybe the most important feature to you is the completeness of a final product.  If that is the case, then say so and we will seriously consider making it a higher priority for the upcoming early experimental releases.

At some point, Volta may become, feed into, or inform a product, but that is a little way off yet.  So let's enjoy the unique opportunity of working together to make something great.

In the coming months, I will alternate between three types of posts:

1.  Volta focused posts: explaining the motivation, features, and technical details

2.  C#: this includes both 3.0 and eventually 4.0 features

3.  Random thoughts: like it says; two that will be discussed soon are programmer tests and continuations

I hope you enjoy the posts and I look forward to engaging with you in discussion.