Evolving WGA...

Tonight we're announcing some new developments with WGA. The full story is here on our PressPass site where an interview with Mike Sievert, our VP of Windows Marketing, was posted earlier this evening.

Building on the success we've had over the last year, as evidenced by the recent strong earnings announcement, we're making some changes to the customer experience of a system that isn't activated or that has failed a validation. This change will take place starting with Windows Vista Service Pack 1. We're also going to disable, again in the service pack, two types of popular activation exploits that are in wide use today. They are the Grace Timer and OEM BIOS exploits. More details about these exploits and how they work are in the same PressPass interview, along with more on our future goals for the program.

I'm very excited about these changes and am looking forward to feedback from you so please check out the PressPass interview and share your thoughts in the comments.