Pirated Windows 7 RC builds a botnet

Just a quick follow up on my recent post about the Windows 7 RC being available over bittorrent sites but with malware embedded. There are now reports, such as this one from cnet, that the malware infected downloads were actually building a botnet. It is being reported that the botnet added over 25,000 clients in just over two weeks.

Trend Micro is also reporting that in the last ten days they've found malware that's masquerading as a download of Windows 7 RC. On their blog they say

"The file which arrives with the file name setup.exe is detected as TROJ_DROPPER.SPX . TROJ_DROPPER.SPX drops TROJ_AGENT.NICE ."

As many of the news stories I've seen on this are reminding people - the best and safest way to get the Windows 7 RC is direct from us at this site