Updated genuine Web site

Earlier today we rolled out an updated look and feel  to the Genuine Microsoft Software Web site.  I  wanted to take a minute here to update you on what changed and what we have planned for future updates to the site.

What changed? The new look and feel is now more consistent with other Microsoft sites, such as Windows.com.  We've also added site navigation to the top of the page, so people will be able to find the information their looking for more quickly and easily.  Reporting piracy is also easier, including the process of applying for a complimentary replacement kit if you have been sold counterfeit software.   

Here is a snapshot of the site and what it looks like:

New genuine site


What's coming next ?   Over the next months we have a number of content updates planned including providing more information about our program and products, additional information about activation and validation technologies, as well as how Microsoft has been fighting piracy and making it easier for customers to avoid buying counterfeit Microsoft products. 

Check out the new look and feel and please send your feedback to me through the blog (you can use the email link in the upper left hand corner of the page) or post comments.



Director, Genuine Windows