Whether you love or hate Windows Azure, please just tell us what you think!

It’s been a fun 24 hours. Last night we rolled out the Windows Azure 2010 Q1 Customer Satisfaction Survey to about 10% of all Windows Azure platform customers (who opted in to be contacted by Microsoft when they established their account). After confirming the survey mechanics were working properly this morning we sent out the survey to the remaining 90% of our customers. Windows Azure has been “live” now for just about a month and we’d like to establish an early baseline for customer satisfaction and then roll out a similar survey roughly each quarter. Of course, each time we do this we’re coming up with an action plan to go after those areas customers want to see improved.

It’s always a boost to hear from customers directly, whether they have good things or bad things to say - - we are learning what we are doing well and what we can do better in the future. Whenever we do this, I do wish the response was higher as I can tell you that every single response gets read and reviewed. Beyond that, my team is offering a call with every single customer that expresses dissatisfaction with Windows Azure as part of this Q1 survey - - some customers are taking me up on this option, others are choosing to just shoot me a mail or complete the survey and share their thoughts there. We don’t care which feedback option the customer chooses, we just want to hear it!

So if you received a mail from me in the past day or so, please do take the time to complete that survey - - I can assure you the Windows Azure Team is listening and responding. If you are a Windows Azure customer and did not receive an invite from me, please send a mail and I’ll send you a link.

The bottom line is if you love Windows Azure please tell us why. If you hate it or if it has really pissed you off like it has Charlie who I traded mails with earlier, please tell us that too.

Thanks in advance – Mike

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