Windows Azure Customer E-mail of the Day

Earlier today I reached out to a number of Windows Azure customers and asked them for some feedback around some ideas we’ve been tossing around. In response, this was an e-mail I received from one of the customers:

Mike it is a crazy platform. They will NEVER need a server again. The speed is sick. Anyone that does this will instantly see this is off the hook! It is the most exciting thing I have worked with in decades. It truly is. I can demo this stuff from anywhere in the world with a decent Internet connection. The next thing this nation has to become is number one with is fast network connectivity – everywhere. Mike this is simply the biggest deal to computing period. Especially if you’re on the MSFT platform and realize the great stuff that has been around for the last decade or so. The developer community as a whole has to step up or be left behind unlike ever before.

Have to love that Windows Azure enthusiasm!