A true story about a Wiki Ninja and a little girl...

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Hope you had ALL a great New Year and enjoyed your gifts. Btw I’m still waiting my chocolates from Bill Gates who is reading each TechNet Wiki contribution. :)

A lot of time I get the question by my little sister about “where do you get the time to write and post on Wiki, Forums, on other community blogs”? Mostly I want to answer but fail epically so she thinks I’m a little bit geek or crazy.

Here is my list of the top 5 conversation that I tried to have when she asked the fundamental question and my responds to my little sister only 7 years:


Little sister: Is Ed price really Santa? if so, could you ask him to off me an Xbox!!

Answer Given: Yes little sister. He is the real Santa. He will bring us peace and lot of chocolates. He is so cute that he even will buy your Xbox.

Real Answer should: Santa is not real and all your gifts are given by dad and mom. Actually dad is Santa.

Conclusion: I had to buy the Xbox…



Little sister: I’m reading everywhere “community”. What does it mean?

Answer give: in biology, a community is a group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment.

Real Answer should: A group helping each other.

Conclusion: She still doesn't know what a community is… :^)



Little sister: Wow, are you a real Ninja? Can you fight?

Answer given: Yes little sister I’m a real (Wiki) Ninja and I’m going to show you how to cut a watermelon in two.

Real Answer should:  I’m a SharePoint Consultant with a mouse in the right hand and a book on the left hand. I can never be a ninja.

Conclusion: I broke 2 vases by trying to cut a watermelon…



Little sister: Euu , why are you liking and rating men’s? 

Answer give: I do not like the person, but his article and gave stars to the articles. Liking is a psychological term to describe the phenomenon of people tending to better like those people who like them. It reflects the notion that people feel better about themselves knowing that they are likable and enjoy the company of those who give them positive feelings

Real Answer should:  Yes I like men’s!

Conclusion: She thinks that I like men’s. :^)



Little sister: If you like so much writing on SharePoint could you make my homework?

Answer give: No you have to do it by yourself and learn. I will not be each day behind you to help and support. 

Real Answer should: Yes I will make your homework.

Conclusion: She still can’t count till 10 because she has a brother who loves her and make her homework



Don't try to explain why you’re online, or why you write. Just do it because you love it!! ( sounds like "Nike")

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