Analytics for Twitter: Known Issues - How the TNWiki delivers collaboration through the synergy of community authoring and comment-based communication (this blog post deserves a long title)

With only one article created, Aaron Meyers is a Wiki Ninja champion! All it takes is one article, and then who wins?


It started with Aaron creating the article and making sure a link from the Download page went to the article here:


Analytics for Twitter: Known Issues


Then Aaron added a few issues:

Aaron was able to make some easy updates on June 10th.

That's when the comments started:


Essentially it became like a blog, full of comments.

So why wasn't it on a blog, then? Well, there were three people involved in this interaction...

1. Author - Aaron

2. Additional Editors - Ed, John

3. Commenters - 15 different people


So what was different than a Blog is that other people were able to work with Aaron in adding the requested information. These people weren't planned to help. They just did because they could (with the Wiki, any member of the community can instantly jump in and help).

And we got busy adding ...

We were also able to leave comments to each other to explain what we were doing and/or why!

So Wiki tells the full story of collaboration, and the comments helped determine the content! All three parties acted dynamically... the author, the additional editors, and the commenters.

For an example of the dynamic relationship, these two comments...


...Became this Known Issue:

Notice that the second comment is included in the solution.

Community members were able to add the changes from the comments:

And that's how community works!


Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

- Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)