BizTalk and TechNet Wiki: The Year 2012 in retrospective

The year 2012 has almost come to an end. In my view it has been it a great year for us in the BizTalk community. This year the number of TechNet Wiki articles on BizTalk grew exponentially to over a hundred. Not only the number of articles increased also the number of contributors. My inspiration to write TechNet wiki articles inspired others to do the same. Some of us got together during the BizTalk summit in December at Microsoft Campus.

The BizTalk articles focus on deployment, development and administration. Some of these articles reached the spotlight like:

All these articles were written by dedicated BizTalk community members. Some of them got interviewed:

2012 also meant a change for some of us MVP's. The BizTalk MVP's were merged with connected system MVP's into one group Microsoft Integration. This means that the scope has broadened for us. BizTalk will not be the sole topic we will be focusing on. However some of us already contributed more than just BizTalk related articles:

In 2013 a new BizTalk Server version will be released. It's beta was released a couple of weeks ago. The product group is still innovating BizTalk and Microsoft invests in it. The product is very much alive and worldwide the number of customers increases. This will mean that in 2013 will be seeing more BizTalk related articles on the TechNet Wiki. The Wiki is a great platform and for us in the BizTalk community an excellent resource, which we gladly promote during BizTalk events.

Happy new year!

 - Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)