BREAKING NEWS: Technet Wiki Widget launched on Windows 8 Store!

As XAML_Guy mentioned in comment on yesterday's blog post: we've got some great news for you.


XAML_Guy: "I am pleased to announce that as of today, TechNet Wiki Widget passed certification and is now listed in the Windows Store. Just search the Marketplace for "TechNet".

Needs some work (missing store logo) but at least it's out JUST in time for W8 launch! :D"


You need proof of evidence?

Then hit the search icon (or enter)


Here we go!

When you click on it, you'll get some more details:

Good job, XAML_Guy!

If you need to know more: visit TechNet Wiki Widget (Windows 8)

BTW, keep following this blog as XAML_Guy Peter will be posting on the TNWiki widget tomorrow, on this very spot!