Brothers in Wiki

"Brothers in arms" is a pretty well know phrase or soundbite if you like. What is the actually meaning of this phrase? It means that men are fighting side by side. Like in World War Two in Europe or the Pacific the soldiers were eating, sleeping, training, fighting and dying together. It is like a close bondage between people. Same as the BizTalk community on the TechNet Wiki. Some of us write, speak, collaborate and hang out with each other like myself, Sandro Pereira, Saravana Kumar, Nino Crudele and Tord Nordahl (aka the BizTalk Crew).

The number of community contributors (brothers) for BizTalk residing from different parts of the world has grown to an impressive number. Below you will find the list of community contributors from The United-States, The Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, India, and Australia:

Recently two more people joined our ranks. M.R.ASHWINPRABHU who wrote the article BizTalk: Generating Flat File Schema for File with Tag Identifiers not at the Beginning, Grouping Data by Element and Debatching and Suleiman Shakhtour who wrote the article BizTalk Server 2013: How to use SFTP Adapter. With them we have almost 25 people contributing article to the continuously growing number of articles you will find on the BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki page of the TechNet Wiki.

The total number of articles is currently almost 220. That is an amazing number and it will easily grow to 250 by end this year. So keep it coming brothers!

- Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)